Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trials & Tribulation

Okay so where do I begin? Let's see we will start with the computer. We wake up at
about 5:30 on a Saturday morning and realize that the power is out. About 8 Ben says
he has some bad news, he can't turn the computer on. So we call someone who said
if it was just the power supply in the tower it part and service would be 50 dollars
well it winds up we pay him 78 dollars and all we know is that the power supply and
the mother board are gone but the good news is the Hard Drive should be okay. Well we
could have spent over 200 to replace parts in the tower we bought in 2005 or we could
get a refurbished one from Dell that included Vista for 250 so we decide to get the Dell
now the problem is that we decided to upgrade the monitor while we were at it and
replace our old digital camera so we ended up spending "a little more" than 250!
Good thing that tax return was right around the corner! Okay but for those who
know anything about computers you might be remembering the hard drive with all
of our information(including but not limited to all of Karrah's pictures from birth on) on it
right about now. Well instead of paying another 78-156 dollars to pay the guy to come
back and retrieve that info for us Ben called in old friend into who helped us out.
His only payment required of us was to pass out these business cards for him. He is very reasonable priced (let's just say he doesn't charge 78 dollars and hour even if he is
only there 25 min) So please use him if you are ever in need. Thanks soooo much Mark!

Okay but that is only the beginning of this story let's fast forward now almost a week it is Thursday and I have endured(with no numbing whatsoever) a biopsy on my thyroid which involved 6 rather large needles being poked into my throat. Now I am preparing for our enrichment groups (not just you grabbing my keys and heading out the door kind of getting ready as I am the enrichment counselor) I am already running a bit behind because I must wait until Ben gets home with the car. When home I promptly kiss him good-bye and run with my sister-in-law to wal-mart to grab some cookies and yarn so that those who have come expecting a quilt would have something else to do to keep their hands busy since our newly called quilt committee chairman has been called on a mission with her husband to the Indian reservation at the bottom of the grand canyon! not to mention the fact that we have no idea what happened to the quilt frame that is supposed to be in the closet. I drive my sister-in-law home only to be flabbergasted as I am trying to back out and I can barely turn the steering wheel. I get the junker home and call Tanya (the relief society pres and Ben's 2nd cousin) to ask her to come pick me up even though she is already at church, luckily we live like 2 blocks from the church! Okay so I go to enrichment and enjoy making my new Family Home Evening chart(see photo, on the desk to the left of the monitor) Now I get home and Hannah has a temperature (yes again, if you have been following these post or just scroll down) In the midst of tending to Hannah, Ben calls Melanie Alvey who works with cars and had just so happened to bring her serpentine belt tool home with her that night. She comes over sees we are missing a pulley calls the 24 hour autozone but guess what they are out of stock so she leaves her tool and Ben has to skip subbing, the one day a week he can possible work for money, and fix it himself. Amazingly enough he does it! Good Job Sweety!!! But the check engine light is still on, like it typically is so he decides to have autozone run a diagnostic on it (thank goodness it's free) and we now have to replace the cyatalitic converter and we have an oil leak! Happy Day!!
Now fast forward with me again to Sunday we have just gotten home from church & and missionary correlation mtg, as we (when I say we I mean Ben!) are preparing lunch Hannah gets so excited that we are having Mac & cheese she decides to run in to the kitchen (to do what I have no idea) she runs into Ben and falls down. Ben is hugging her and comforting her but he then realizes that she is doing her no noise cry which basically means she is holding her breath but normally she eventually starts to cry as Ben realizes this isn't happening he is telling her(with emotion) to breath, meanwhile I am trying to tell him to bring her to me which he did and by the time he got to me she still isn't breathing but by now she is starting to go limp and her pupils enlarge ( my heart is starting to race again just typing this) not knowing what else to do I say "Ben you need to give her a blessing, NOW" so he proceeds not until he begins the blessing(without anointing, of course) does she start to cry and faintly cough. I really am not sure what I would have done had Ben been there, of course prayed and called 911 and meagerly tried to give her CPR( not necessarily in that order) but would 911 be there in time would I have seceded? I am so glad I have the priesthood in my home. We now know thanks to my mother-in-law (apparently my brother-in-law id the same thing) to blow into her face and thank goodness because she fell and did the same thing last night! The blowing worked, but it is so scary. Hannah you are not helping to lower my blood pressure!! We did some research on the Internet last night because we were getting pretty worried and I guess it's fairly common and doesn't typically mean there is any other type of problems and they say it isn't harmful to them(unless they never start breathing again) some kids do it when they are mad and don't get their way so far Hannah has only done it when she was hurt. Anyway they say that typically it doesn't mean there is any other problem but we will be taking her to the Dr to get it checked out now we just have to decide which one. She has a pediatrician that is listed as her primary care physician but Ben and I go to a family practice Dr and we think we want to take her there we just have to change it on the insurance first I believe. I know it sounds funny because you would think that the ped. would be a better choice because of the specialization but we have our reasons.
Did I mention that this is the semester Ben is preparing to take his GRE and has his 451 class which includes a 30 pg research paper! which is only a small part of the 15 credits (three of those credits is his practicum which represents more like 8-10 hours a week in class) he is taking along with an institute class and being the online journal editor of PHI ALPHA THETA (history honor society) Being in the elders quorum pres and on the Stake Choir that practices every Thursday night from 7-9 and preforms at every ward and stake conference plus a few other events.
You are a saint if you read this all the way through! Thanks for humoring me!!
I hesitate to post this kind of stuff normally but hope you have seen the
Lords hand in all of this, as we have.
What doesn't Kill Ya Makes Ya Stronger!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Queen of the Mountain

Watch out world she is starting to climb!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day to ME !!!

Our little Hannah Lily
These are the Calla Lilies Ben arranged for me to receive "our first" valentines day

before he was even aware they are my absolute favorite!

My wedding bouquet

This Picture hangs in our home it was part of my wedding gift to Ben

Sometimes following the counsel of the prophet takes alot of Faith

that the Lord will provide, and he has!

Matt 6:28-30 ...Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

The Calla Lily Temple (ever get a close look?)

AKA The Las Vegas Temple

where our sealing took place

And last but not least the georgous arrangment

Ben suprised me with last night.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Winding down for bedtime?

How do you work this thing?

A day in the life of...

Just a silly day of Clowning Around!Karrah's favorite hangout nook!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

While I was capturing this picture of messy Karrah reaching for the camera
Hannah was begging to have her picture taken so here they both are!!
This is 4 in the morning right after we got home from the emergency room
she had a temp of 104 at 12:30 so I took her it. The Dr. said it was viral and sent us home on the way home Hannah was insiting that she wanted Lunch!!! Needless to say I was exausted the next couple of days until Ben was able to let me go to bed at 7 !!!