Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little Green Elfs

Go see the Green Family as dancing elfs!!
I saw a friends and just couldn't resist!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Merry Christmas

The girls sitting on Santas lap at our Ward christmas party
last year Hannah didn't do so hot but was really excited this year
she is becoming such a big girl and Karrah did well to
[well at least long enough to snap this shot and then she was done lol :)]
Okay so these aren't the most flattering pictures but in my defense it was at the end of a long day. The real reason we traveled to Minnesota was for my sister Collette's baptism so the day started out with giving talks in Sacrament metting then after the block a potluck, traveling 45 min to the chapel with a font and this is after the baptism. So this first one is My mom Karolyn me Karrie Lynn and my little Karrah Lynn
A quick family photo
My Parents and siblings from left to right: Holly, Aaron, Mom, Valoree,
Mitchell, Dad, Karrie, Collette, Scott
This is the first time we were all in the same place
at the same time in over 3 years

And here are the proud grandparents with 9 of their 11 grandchildren(they also have another on the way to make it an even dozen, congrats Holly & Hannon) so from left to right:
Mason, Clay, Eliza, Hannah, Karrah, Noah, Grandma, Zadok, Flint, Grandpa, Faith
missing are Sarah and Amy

This is after the Thanksgiving meal while Pies are being served.
Faith says it's not gone and proceeds to share the remainder of the contents
of the cool whip container with Hannah. These 2 make quite the team!!!
The girls with MOST!!! of their cousins at Grandma Stevenson's house
in Minnesota Thanksgiving Day. Have you ever tried to organize a picture with 10 little rugrats!!!

Halloween Costumes Our Little Froggy and Ducky
This picture was actually taken about a week later.
Hannah was Ill Halloween night so we stayed in,
passed out candy and watched Harry Potter 1-3
Hannah doing a little rock climbing on the ward campout at Valley of Fire

Our little DJ
Sisters having Fun!

Hannah and Amelia Bailey at the Leid Childrens Museum, just another one of our summer adventures!!

okay so I am back tracking alittle bit I have been quite the slacker I think part of it was frustration from these post not turning out the same way I design them anyhow this is Hannah when we took a trip to the zoo this summer. She was fearless!