Friday, May 16, 2008

Potty Training

I was starting to wonder if Hannah would ever potty train but low and behold I think we are almost there. Yesterday Karrah went in and woke Hannah up and the first thing Hannah did was to head to the potty. Granted her pull up was already soaked and I noticed to late to tell if she had actually put anything in the commod. But besides yesterday she has been waking up dry quite often as of late. And yesterday No accidents! I think the real test will be nursery on sunday. Wish us luck!! if Karrah would just sleep through the night....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughters

The picture on the left is me when I was little,
I believe it is powdered sugar.
The one on the right the girls on fri, this time
a plaster of paris powder.
I was planning on going on a mother/daughter date with Hannah
that night to the rainbow library for a signing time event but
after having to clean this up I was way too exhausted!!

They do grow up!

Check out the stunning difference 2 years makes
the 3 year old eating her birthday cake next to the one year old a week later!