Saturday, July 07, 2007

These pictures are from our 4th of July trip to Kanab Utah. We went to visit my sister Holly and her family who where vacationing there. The first picture left to right is Faith, Hannah, Eliza & Zadok this is them waiting for the parade to start. The next is our little patriot waving her flag (the parade clown gave her) inbetween collecting candy. We also went to visit the Coral Pink Sand Dunes as you can see Hannah was a little trooper. The only part of our trip Hannah didn't enjoy was the fireworks. Hannah would only say HOT as her cousins played with sparklers ! Luckily we hadn't stayed at the park when they started the real fireworks. We had gone back to Hannon's (Holly's husband who likes to pretend we named Hannah after him! LOL) parent's house to watch from the balcony. But that didn't last long, we had to go in the house once the real ones got started.

and this is Karrah waiting for the parade to start

after the sand dunes we came back to the house to go for a swim and get all that sand off lol of course we showered off first! This is Karrah already to go for a dip, she loved it so much she took a little nap in the pool