Thursday, November 06, 2008


This tag involves posting your fourth picture in your fourth file, we have a folder from our old broken camera (top picture) and a the rest from the new camera(the picture below). it is funny to me that both pictures are of Hannah the first one when she is about a week old and the other at three years old, I hesitated to post the later becuase of how incriminating it is to me as a mother(the messy hair thing) and it is totally random! Anyhow here they are and I now tag... Emily, Tonya, Nicole and Brittany Wadsworth

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Fun

This was the girls first time really trick or treating, Hannah was sick last year and before that we only had done the trunk or treat thing. Hannah did really well with saying trick or treating!! She also got in a few Happy Halloweens. Karrah tried to walk in at the first few houses when people opened the door but got the idea soon after the funniest part was when people would let them pick out their candy Karrah always grabbed a little fistful!!!