Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've been tagged!!!

I have been tagged by Trish (Trish, if you look closely AJ is in this picture!). I have done a tag that you take the fourth picture from your fourth folder, well things must be progressing because this tag is your sixth picture from your sixth folder so here it is! This is February in Las Vegas, I’ll have to post a picture of February in Minnesota!!!

I now tag Nicole, Natalie, Amber and Rachel.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ben's Desk

Some of you may have noticed that on my side bar under my blogroll there is a link for Ben’s Desk and if you have ever clicked on it you will have noticed there wasn’t much to it but this post is to announce that there is now finally a post so feel free to click here to view it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Auntie Tinker Bell

For some unknown reason Hannah has started calling my sister Valoree "Tinker Bell" almost exclusively. The other day we were asking about where Valoree was and she said " I think Tinker Bell is in Valoree's room" So here is a picture of Hannah and her Auntie Tinker Bell

Wishing You Were Here ?

Also thought you might enjoy some pictures of the snow, the currently very unsed tree swing above, and the barns and buildings below. The girls are enjoying themselves on Grandma's Farm, yes that's right there are a few animals in the barn in the middle back, about 10 chickens ( no more buying eggs for grandma) and 4 goats.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

My little Domestic Goddesses

Karrah got this vacuum and laundry center you see behind her, complete with
ironing board and iron for christmas
These are the hot pads they got in their stockings they match the aprons they are wearing in the picture below, yes they are homemade but I got alot of help from my mom especially on the edging although I did do the quilting which was fun and I am rather proud of

I want to thank Amanda for the Apron pattern I used to make these beauties although I still don't think they are as cute as the one she made for Madie

Hannah and her "New Vanity". You can take that any way you want!!!!

Finally A Christmas Post

This picture was taken Christmas Eve hannah decided to make some sort os structure out of her toothpicks, crackers and hot dogs grandma amde especially for the girls while the rest of us were fonduing
This is Hannah waking Karrah up to open presents, Karrah just kept rolling around and kicking Hannah if I could figure out how to post a video you could hear Hannah say "stop kicking me"

Karrah loves her new baby doll and car seat!!!

Santa had a hard time getting all those goodies into those stockings