Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sping Has Arrived.... Hopefully!

Yesterday we traveled to a small town in Iowa that has a job opening, so that Ben could give them his resume. the place is only about an hour and a half from my parents and we feel really good about the area.
We found the City park while we were there, it is very nice for such a small town. And the area is beautiful, it would be about a fifty min drive to church but really that is only another 10-15 min more then what we are getting used to here! And everyone is so friendly, I must have waved to over 1/2 a dozen people who where just walking by.

So even though we would love to find a job nearer to cousins we figure an hour and a half isn't to bad and since there doesn't seem to be any job openings around here at the time we would really appreciate it if you would all keep us and Paullina, IA in your prayers. We really look forward to finding a job and getting into our own little place again. We love my parents but yearn to be our own little family again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Castles and Science with Dad

When I was I kid I had really cool blocks. The were plain woodblocks, I think scraps that my Dad picked up when he worked making cabinets. Though these are plastic the general experience is the same. With the added action figures. Karrah likes to pretend to be a "monster."

The other thing we do is science time with Dad. Today we covered a few concepts using glass jars, a spoon, water and food coloring. I filled the diferent jars and talked about high or low pitch, then we added red to the high ones, blue to the middle ones, and yellow to the low ones. After that we just experimented with colors and playing music.